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Federal Regulation CFR 634
Effective November 24, 2008 ...
Federal Regulation CFR 634 Worker Visibility Law.

"All workers within the right-of-way of a federal-aid highway who are exposed either to traffic or to construction equipment within the work area SHALL wear high-visibility safety apparel."
While the current version of the MUCTD recommends ANSI-compliant safety apparel in construction zones, the new standard is the first time a nationwide standard has been mandated.

The new regulation specifies ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 requirements for the purpose of determining what is and is not compliant apparel and additionally requires workers to meet Class II or III of the standard.

Due to these new regulations, large numbers of workers and business owners will have to select ANSI-compliant high-visibility apparel for the first time and will have to familiarize themselves with the standard and the scope of ANSI apparel in the marketplace.
Comfort and styling of the apparel is an important component in assuring that workers will wear their high visibility clothing and actually comply with the standard.

ANSI apparel is available from ABS PROMOTIONS in a wide range of styles that go well beyond the traditional vest.

ANSI Approved Logo Safety Apparel from ABS Promotions

We offer unique options outside the scope of the traditional apparel.



Let ABS Promotions and help you make this transition a smooth one for your company.
If you already have this program in place, we are confident we can show you unique options that
comply with the new Worker Visibility Law while saving you money.

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